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About Us

IAAF believes it takes a village to establish a solid family foundation. We understand that sometimes life can get overwhelming but with the right support, patience, knowledge and training all families can accomplish this goal. Our foundation was created to break the cycle of generational habits. That’s what we do!

Programs and Services Offered by IAAF

HIV/AIDS and STD Awareness

The first lines of defense against the of HIV/AIDS & STD’S infections are education and prevention. Subsequently, we provide our clients with protective products and education regarding life changes that address behavioural risk factors. Our discourse includes but is not limited to communicability of these infectious diseases.

It takes a Village

Recognizing the importance of community involvement, we host an annual day of family fellowship which celebrates the parent/child bond through shared leisure time and planned activates. Throughout the calendar year we plan adventures to foster parenting experiences essentials to positive relationships growth and development.

Mentoring to Create & Great Leaders

Mentoring to create great leaders is designed for men, women and children between the ages of 10 to 25 and addresses a broad range of needs and concerns. The long term benefits of a trusting and caring relationship have been scientifically proven. It produces a higher rate of high school graduates; improve interpersonal interactions and assists with conflict resolution skills. In the short term, the outcome is equally astounding. It helps to improve self-worth and self-confidence early in the alliance. Mentoring addresses, a host of needs and concerns. In addition, participants learn EQ Skills and learn to set Career Goals in order to be effective great leaders in today’s world.

Girl Power

This is an annual event geared towards young women ages 10-25. In a conference setting, the girls would attend workshops and participate in panel discussions with qualified volunteers to educate them in necessary life skills that will help them to succeed in today’s world. Topics would include but not be limited to finances, entrepreneurship, social skills, hygiene and familial and intimate relationships.

Cultivating New Beginnings; A Healing Ranch (Coming Soon).

In a time of conflict and adversity the Healing Ranch will create an atmosphere of peaceful convalescence and rehabilitation. Using animals, spiritual methodology, healthy meals and regenerative exercises individuals of all ages with varying needs can experience healing of the mind and spirit. Set on a multi acre farm with trained staff and volunteers the intended outcome of the Ranch will be to assist participants with reformative activities specifically designed on an individual basis.