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Dr. Kimberly Hale

Dr. Kimberly Hale

What are we facing in today's world with our youths?

We no longer live in a generation that have two parent homes, when neighbors spoke to one another, when you acted out in public you were reprimanded right on the spot and when your parents got home they knew and you knew you were in trouble, I love the statement it takes a village to raise a child; What this means the entire local community is involved in the education and growth of children - they learn from what they see outside their home environment. Most of the time the only true discipline and everyday care our children get is from our teachers and after care programs.

We live in a world where a single parent must work in order to survive, feed, clothe, and keep a roof over their family, no extra help or support.

According to the National US Census Bureau in the United States under the age group of 31 years old, Black Males made up 48% of the Black Population compared to Black females who made up 52% of the Black Population. Sadly there has been a much quicker mortality rate for Black Males as they get older. With no extra guidance and support, trouble and friends increase our black male (children) in jail or death rate.

One on one assessment of this service identifies and addresses the immediate needs of individual and families, to improve interpersonal relationship with the goal of family bonding, becoming community oriented, and introducing social skills to produce productive law-abiding citizens. Our mission is to Create Great Leaders.

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